On the Road

White River Roadrunners President-elect

Beep beep Roadrunners! Your local club is after you. We hope to catch your interest before we're through. We don't want to bother anyone, but running down the road is our idea of having fun!

So, let's take our first steps "On the Road"!

Farther, faster, better in 2013 — that's the way we're headed, starting right here with our redesigned Web site — your redesigned Web site. We want your help to keep the site jumping: Tell us what you want to see and hear, and feel free to submit your own entries. Perhaps you have a new training plan you'd like to tell everyone about or you raise funds for a worthy cause; perhaps you have a nutritious recipe to share or an injury to discuss; maybe you have a hero to honor. We encourage you to share such things with us.

We intend to post one "On the Road" entry each week. We will need your submissions a week before publication so we can edit and format them. If you're uncomfortable about writing, let Bruce know and we'll find a reporter to work with you.

As you can see, we're already working on "more and better" here on the Web site. We've got the combined Challenge Series/Grand Prix calendar posted, along with the Challenge Series Rules and already-active links to some of the 2013 races. We'll be publicizing upcoming races, club meetings and any other club news. We have links to our Facebook page and forum (VIP Code 1127), so you can connect in whatever way works best for you, and we'll be watching to keep those places in sync.

I have a two-month speed-training plan posted at an unpublicized page and I will be adding more, plus links to my series of blog posts for beginning runners. We're thinking of adding more expert advice, group-run schedules, race reports and Acme gizmo construction plans (so we can catch new Roadrunners!).

It's all here to help you run for fun, so please, help us help you.

I'd like to put in a pitch again this year for those of us who travel to state races to consider better coordination of our schedules so that the club can rise in the Grand Prix team standings. We have a good core of competitive runners, but it takes four men from a club or three women to score in the team standings. All must be entered in the Grand Prix ($15 for the year) and be dues-paying members of our club (also $15 for an individual).

The 2013 Grand Prix series includes 20 races, with both the 4-Mile Classic and Sara Low. We only managed to score team points in nine men's races and seven women's in 2012 -- leaving us behind a couple of teams that we regularly outperformed head-to-head. We have three women already interested in coordinating for several races in 2013, and we'll post a team calendar with a runner count as we have commitments. Let us know if you're planning to run in a Grand Prix event and we'll see if we can't muster a team.

We have commitments to the following Grand Prix races so far:
Jan. 27, One Hour Track Run, Russellville
March 9, Chase Race 2 Mile, Conway
May 25, Rock Run 8K, Little Rock
June 15, Go! Mile, North Little Rock
Aug. 3, The White River 4M Classic, Batesville
Sept. 7, Sara Low Memorial 5K, Batesville

Hope to see more of you "On the Road"!