On the Road to the first finish line

Jodie Marsh digs to the finish of WRA Clinic
Magic Mile #2, two days before the 2013 Tax Run

EDITOR'S NOTE: We collected reflections from Women Run Arkansas clinic participants (and family) who finished their first 5K at the 1040 Tax Fun Run/Walk 5K (April 13, 2013). The race course is the site of several weeks of training sessions for the ladies leading up to the clinic graduation race May 12 in Conway. The Tax Run is a good mid-training graduation practice, progress report and endurance test all in one, and we asked the first-timers to put us in their shoes.


Hi there. Saturday morning I was nervous/scared/excited all at the same time. The energy was so positive and it was a really good day for me. I realize I wasn't very fast but ya know that didn't really bother me. I have never run in my life (other than during basketball season in school — years ago) so I can say I'm proud of myself and everyone else who did this for the first time. My experience w/the running clinic has been one I won't forget and I hope to continue after the clinic is over. All of you guys/gals are great. I just love it. So even though I wasn't fast, I finished. Watching everyone whiz by me only made me keep trying. As long as I improve in next year's 1040 I will be pleased.

Thank you for all your advice, information and support. I appreciate it very much. See ya tomorrow.

MONICA RODRIGUEZ, who has walked the Sara Low 5K before, but had not run a 5K:

Running is so much harder than walking. I was sore the next day but it was fun to see I was able to make it.

I don’t think I would have done without having other people in my group ahead and behind me. That kept me pushing.

Thank you

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He said he was nervous and there were a lot more people than he expected. His leg bothered him right off so he wasn't able to really compete. This is helping him to dislike running a little less, but he is not in love with it yet!