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White River Roadrunners President

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Welcome to the White River Roadrunners hardware store. Here's where we keep our heavy metal. Stroll down the aisles and see what we've got for you:

2013 White River Roadrunners Challenge Series

Award winners are listed first, second, third with Overall winners in parentheses where they would have finished in their age groups. Groups with missing places had no runners finishing the five races needed to be eligible for our awards:

Overall Male: Bruce Oakley, Tyler Webb, Clan Weatherford

Male 60+: Dennis Anderson, Joel Cannady, Rusty Hinges

Male 50-59: (Bruce Oakley, 1st Overall,) Tim Oster, Kevin Miller

Male 40-49: Todd Coleman, Shawn Patterson Sr.(, Clan Weatherford, 3rd Overall)

Male 30-39: Matt Walker, Brian Yeager, Dillian Smith

Male 20-29: Tyler Bishop, Anthony Coles

Male 10-19: (Tyler Webb, 2nd Overall,) Shawn Patterson Jr.

Overall Female: Kristen Treadway, Jennifer Liles-Dorris, Betsy Tucker

Female 60+: Linda Dale, Doris Lillard, Caliene Coop

Female 50-59: (Betsy Tucker, 3rd Overall,) Debra Haun, Cindy Wade, Myra Wood

Female 40-49: Dana Dowell, Melissa Anderson

Female 30-39: (Jennifer Liles-Dorris, 2nd Overall,) Ashley Beller, Brandie Merrill, Crystal Cossey

Female 20-29: (Kristen Treadway, 1st Overall)

Female 10-19: Kady Tosh

Iron Roadrunners (10 finishes): Joel Cannady, Linda Dale, Jennifer Liles-Dorris, Dana Dowell, Debra Haun, Brandie Merrill, Shawn Patterson Jr, Shawn Patterson Sr

Arkansas RRCA Grand Prix

Winners with White River Roadrunners connections:

Betsy Tucker, awarded 1st Grand Masters (finished 2nd behind a winner in a bigger category, also 4th Masters)

Jennifer Liles-Dorris, awarded 3rd in 35-39 (finished 4th behind a winner in a bigger category)

Bruce Oakley was awarded 5th in 50-54 (tie 6th behind a winner in a bigger category, also 5th Grand Masters)

Rusty Hinges, 2nd in 70-74

Caliene Coop's daughter, Tina Ho, 4th in 45-49 (son-in-law Chris Ho awarded 2nd in 35-39, finished 3rd behind a winner in a bigger category)