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On the Road to Fashion

White River Roadrunners President

Last time we welcomed you to the White River Roadrunners hardware store. Today, we open the doors on our fashion boutique. We have previewed our line on our Facebook page, but step inside and browse at your leisure.

In January, we ordered club tech T-shirts with our logo in blue and white on silver fabric. We looked at a couple of new versions of our logo but we stuck with the tried and true. The club bought 144 of these shirts in varied sizes. Members are welcome to pick one up at any of our club meetings and local races. The men's sizes are running loose and the women's are running tight. A youth large is a bit bigger than a women's small; a youth medium is a little tighter.

Along with our heavy recruiting for Grand Prix team presence at races statewide this year, we pushed for an identifiable racing shirt for our members to wear. Eric Sessums came up with a bolder version of our logo that looks sharp on a singlet. We have an option for a name or phrase on the back, and here are samples of what that will look like.

The racing singlets are pay as you go and may be individually ordered from, but we are placing a bulk order by April 8, 2014, so below are screen shots of the site's sizing information.

Email Bruce with size and name/phrase (or blank) back preference if you want to join in the bulk order. Shirts so far are about $27 with a name on the back if we order 10-24, dropping to about $25 if we order 25 or more. Youth sizes are about $3 less. The prices are discounted in March, so may be up to $5 higher by the time we place the order. We'll keep watch and report any changes and alternatives.

Just to let you know we aren't forgetting the hardware department as we work on our designer duds, our Grand Prix men's and women's teams both moved up in the standings after collecting points at the Spring Fling 5k in Cabot on March 22. We had a strong showing with 12 of our runners collecting trophies, with two in Grand Masters and 10 in age groups.

Men's (left) and women's sizing information

Youth sizing information